Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bad Joke Tuesday #31 ...

Kevin, Jake, and Jimmy are all sitting next to the stage at a local strip club, when the sexiest girl they have ever seen makes her way onto the stage. Kevin, wanting to impress his friends, takes a fifty dollar bill out of his wallet and waves it at the young dancer. She approaches him and shakes her ass in his face. He obliges by licking the fifty dollar bill and sticking it to her left ass cheek!
Jake, not wanting to be out-done by his friend, pulls a hundred dollar bill out of his wallet and waves it at the young lady. She dances over, waves her ass in his face, to which he licks the hundred dolar bill and sticks it to her right butt cheek.
Now, this sexy little lady is dancing around with a hundred and fifty dollars stuck to her butt cheeks.
Jimmy doesn't have any cash left on him, so he pulls out his credit card and waves it at the hot entertainer. She makes her way over to him. She bends over and puts her cute little behind inches from his face. He stands up and promptly runs the credit card down the crack of her ass, grabs that fifty and the hundred, and walks out the door!!!
Q. Where do you find a stripper's asshole?
A. At home with the kids.

Q: What do you get when you cross a stripper with a model?
A: A boner.

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